Próximos talleres

No te pierdas los talleres y viajes de NorthPhoto Tours. Grupos reducidos y trato personalizado. Talleres de fin de semana, viajes fotográficos y la posibilidad de preparar tu propio taller a la carta.

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Apoyo fotografico online

¿quieres saber que funciona y que no en tus imágenes?
Te ayudamos con la composición, te mostramos nuestra manera de procesar las fotos.

¿Quieres buscar tu propio estilo?
Te acompañamos en este viaje con consejos y ejercicios.
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Individual workshop 1Vs1

Customized workshop.
We can place a monitor at your own disposal, who will advise you on that you require: where to find the best locations, how to use filters or camera itself, etc… All in a detailed personalized manner.
Full-day or half-day bookings are available.
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Customiced workshops for groups

Suitable for groups of friends or associations, these are the best way to organize your photographic outings. We offer extensive knowledge of the environment, so you only need to worry about enjoying photography.
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The NorthPhotoTours team offers you workshops where workfield and personalized treatment are preferential.



What do I need?


We recommend carrying photographic equipment as complete as possible. Thus, a camera body provided with diverse focal lenses that embrace from the angle up to the telephoto zoom will be ideal in order to tackle the different photographic possibilities we may come across. A tripod and a cable release are also a must, as well as gradient filters either conventional or reverse (especially these for seascape photography), ND filters, polarizer… Do not forget spare batteries, enough memory cards or a portable hard drive where to download your pictures and bringing along a laptop for further edition purposes is highly recommended too. Lastly, a rain cover for the camera and an umbrella to protect the equipment are also advisable.  

Regarding clothing, comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the paths and rubber boots or waders to take pictures in the water are also recommended. Due to the changing condition of our climate, you should come prepared for both rain and cold or warm weather.

How do I sign up?

Whether you want to make a reservation or asking for information, you just need contact directly to us.  

For technical reasons you must be of age to sign a Photo Tour.

You can sign up either by using the email provided in the webpage or addressing directly by email to any of the monitors.   

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